About this Project

About Us

Hi! We're the Hinson Family.

We're trying to be intentional about parenting. So much so that we've structured our lives in a way to reflect it. We homeschool our kids so we can be a part of the educational process, so we can spend more time together, and so we can have a flexible schedule. We eat dinner together, have movie nights and dance parties and big Saturday breakfasts.

When the kids were babies, we heard from so many parents with grown kids who said, "Enjoy this time, because it will be gone so fast." We intend to do just that.

From the time your child is born, to the time they turn 18, you have 940 Saturdays. That's 940 Saturdays until they turn 18, but let's be honest, we'll lose a lot more influence before that.

This project is about making the most of every moment. It's about being present in parenting and recognizing that we can make incredible memories with a little bit of effort. We want to tell about what we're doing, encourage other parents and caregivers, and hear stories from all of you who are trying to make every moment count in parenting.