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Raising daughters (well children in general) has always been intimidating to me. • How do I teach them to be strong, brave, courageous, and independent yet soft, gentle, and humble? • How do I not allow the insecurities that I am I still tackling to affect them and shape them? • How do I teach them to bend but not break, to refuse to accept the limits that others place on them, while still being quick to learn and listen to those that are older and wiser than them. • I still don’t have the answers to these all of these questions and most days am not sure if I am even coming close to hitting the mark. But I am so encouraged to see how God is shaping them and making all of these things and more a true part of who they are. And I am so grateful that He saw fit to allow me to be there, beside them through it all. •

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Wonderland RV Park,Torrey, Utah. • Throwing it back today to our first 6 months on the road and our time out West. • We had so many great adventures while there that I have yet to document. But I am determined to keep working to get them documented here, bc are huge reason why we are doing this! • This RV park was small, but so homey. It was surrounded by farmland,close to #capitolreefnationalpark, and filled with gorgeous fruit trees that we got to pick apples from. And as we left, we stocked up on a huge bag of the most delicious apples I have ever tasted for only $5! • If you are in this area, be sure to check out this RV park! •

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“Do what you can right where you are with what you have.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt. • I remember as we were trying to get our life in order to take off on our grand adventure, how DAUNTING it all felt. It never seemed like we would get there. • But every day, we did what we could to get us one step closer to where we wanted to be. And now we are enjoying the fruit of what we worked so hard for! • So what’s your dream? Goal? Desire? What could you do right now, where you are, with what you have? Small steps today can lead to big changes tomorrow! So don’t wait! Get started today!

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