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“Do what you can right where you are with what you have.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt. • I remember as we were trying to get our life in order to take off on our grand adventure, how DAUNTING it all felt. It never seemed like we would get there. • But every day, we did what we could to get us one step closer to where we wanted to be. And now we are enjoying the fruit of what we worked so hard for! • So what’s your dream? Goal? Desire? What could you do right now, where you are, with what you have? Small steps today can lead to big changes tomorrow! So don’t wait! Get started today!

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You guys, we are about to head back up the East Coast for the first time in 6 months and all I can think about is, what an amazing ride this all has been! And we are only just beginning! • So much has happened in the last 6 months! I truly have been so caught up in the awesomeness of it all, that I haven’t been able to post all of the MANY pictures of the AMAZING places we have been. • Let’s see if I can change that and get you guys up to speed, shall we? • So going back to the last place we left off, Utah. Specially, @canyonlandsnps . Such a beautiful place. And the sunsets are phenomenal! •

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It’s the little moments that are passing so quickly. The ones I am trying with all of my might to lock away in my memory forever and not be too distracted to miss. • I’m grateful for the way this little man loves with all of his heart, just like his daddy. And the way he loves his Mama something fierce too. • Each day that passes is a day of new changes and stages, but I’m glad that he’s still little enough to snuggle with me after a long hard nap️. • What are the little moments that you are cherishing right now? •

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