Had to hike for this one. Drove 3 hours to the mountains of WV for this camper shell. I have the trucker’s tan to prove it!

By Joseph Hinson / August 5, 2018
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Best Affordable Inflatable Boats for RV Travel

By Joseph / August 2, 2018

We’ll be traveling across the US with our truck and travel trailer, and we want to capitalize on the beautiful places we’re going to visit, including waterways. I have a 16ft Canoe, but it’s a little too big to haul with my truck and trailer. So I was looking for inflatable boats that would work…

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While Hannah’s at engineering camp this week, these two have been playing together so nicely (most of the time)

By Joseph Hinson / August 1, 2018
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Humpback Rocks – An Overlook to Remember

By Joseph / July 15, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, we hiked the humpback rocks trail on the blue ridge parkway in Virginia. We have been coming to Sherando lake for years, but haven’t really explored the beauty around this area. This year, we decided to make it a point to take advantage of the opportunity and see what was…

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4th of July festivities with friends. In the midst of all the work to get the house ready to sell, this is such a welcome break

By Joseph Hinson / July 5, 2018
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Watched the fireworks from the roof rack of my car with the kids

By Joseph Hinson / July 2, 2018
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Today’s video is up. Link in bio. We spent a week hanging out with our family in Sherando Lake, we call it Cousin’s camp.

By Joseph Hinson / July 1, 2018
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Liam’s Jellybeans

By Joseph / July 1, 2018

A couple months ago, we noticed lumps on our youngest son Liam’s neck. At his next doctor’s visit, we asked about it. After giving him antibiotics for a bacterial infection, the lymph nodes got a lot smaller, so we thought we were good. A couple months later, they were large again. So, we went back…

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Father’s Day at Bethpage Camp-Resort

By Joseph / June 25, 2018
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Today we hiked Humpback Rock, which had an incredible view at the top. Seriously one of the best. Steep hike though

By Joseph Hinson / June 25, 2018
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