An inspirational life

I’m gonna start this one out a little differently. I’ll start with a confession. I was always a little nervous that my wife was far more adventurous, brave, and daring than I was. Which presented a bit of a challenge to me when it came to leading my family on a great adventure. When she…

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10 Miles

As she was getting back into shape after having Liam, Meagan texted me from a run and said we should run the Virginia 10 miler. I reluctantly started running in preparation, and after we completed an 8 mile run in training, I went ahead and committed by signing up. In our training, my average pace…

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Going for a Walk in Timbrook Park

After we got back from the beach, we had a Saturday together, so we went out to Timbrook park for you guys to play on the playground. Then when exploring we found a long trail that led to a lake. So we decided to take short hike. You guys love the outdoors, and hiking especially.…

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