Utah!! We left South Dakota and had originally planned to head to Yellowstone in Wyoming. But it was the beginning of October and starting to get colder up north in Wyoming and since we wanted warmer weather…we changed our plan and decided to head to Utah instead. A very cool benefit of our flexible lifestyle! • We spent two nights in Southern Wyoming to get laundry and work done and to help break up our trip a bit. But man, once we crossed the border from southern Wyoming into Utah we were all blown away at how beautiful it was! •

Mount Rushmore was so cool. It honestly surprised me how cool it was. Hearing the story behind it’s creation made it so much more interesting than I expected. So if you ever go, take the time to go to the visitor center and watch the movie and talk to the rangers. • We also stayed around for the night lighting and I am so glad that we did. My favorite part was at the end when all the veterans in the audience were given a chance to come forward and we got to thank them for their service. I was crying like a baby by the end of it all. 🤗 •

We finished up the month of September in Keystone and Rapid City, SD so I could run the Mount Rushmore Half Marathon. • It was such a fun race! There were so many gorgeous views and so much beautiful scenery the whole 13 miles! • If you swipe to the 2nd picture you can see when my reaction to seeing Mt. Rushmore on the course for the first time.😀 It was so cool! • If you ever get a chance to run a race in the series. You should totally do it! It was one of the most fun races I’ve ever done! •

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