Christmas in Texas…and other news

It’s been awhile. From now on I’ll try to get the emails out with every video (at least bi-weekly), until then, here’s an update…

First, here are a few videos I forgot to tell you guys about:

How We Decorate for Christmas in an RV

In this video, we showed how we decorated this year for Christmas, which included (literally) trimming a tree to be more narrow. We basically made our own “pencil tree”.

Stranded in Moab

You guys, our truck broke down while we were at Dead Horse Point state park. If you’ve never been there…it’s 45 minutes from ANYTHING. and I mean that. There is NOTHING for 45 minutes down the mountain…and that’s where we were staying. Also, without our truck, we can’t pull our camper, and we were supposed to be out the next day. Watch the video…but don’t forget to tune into the next one.

Back on the Road – 4X4 in the Canyons

We got back on the road again of course. But it came with an unexpected and awesome surprise. One that I hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed filming.

Now, back to our updates…

Christmas…was really different this year, but it was also really cool.

In early December, we met up with my parents and rented an AirBNB in Tucson Arizona. It was so nice to see my folks, and super nice to be in a house…even if just for a week. It’s the little things you forget you miss in a camper. I was immediately happy to lift my hands above my head and not touch the ceiling (the clearance is only 7ft or so in our camper). We also had unlimited access to a laundry room for a week, which was nice.

While there we visited Saguaro National park, which has SO MANY Saguaro Cacti. Each of them are something like 200 years old at least, so it was very cool.

We also went to a festival in Tucson, and took a hayride through some AMAZING Christmas lights. More on that coming as soon as I can figure out how to produce videos more quickly. Without getting into it, there is a whole neighborhood that goes ALL OUT for Christmas lights, and people come from all over to see them. It’s really something.

While there we decided to take the truck into the shop, had an accident with the RV (suffice to say it had to do with a low clearance), and had to do quite a bit of reconfiguring in our schedule. It was so nice to have mom and dad there to hang out with the kids while Meagan and I were scrambling. It would have been a crisis incident if they weren’t with us.

After that we did a long haul (800 miles) to Texas to San Antonio. We had another guest in our RV as Meg’s mom came and stayed with us for Christmas. While she was here, we went to the River Walk in San Antonio and visited Austin.

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I have to say San Antonio was one of the most festive and fun places I have ever spent New Year’s Eve, which was totally unexpected. • The River Walk was still all decorated with lights and we were able to make it there early enough to have a nice dinner by the river. • Just as we were leaving, the streets started filling with people dressed in bright, festive gear ready to ring in the new year. San Antonio apparently hosts the largest free New Year’s Eve festival in the state of Texas! • We chose a bit more of a low key option though, and headed back to Bertie (our travel trailer) to finish out our night. But at midnight, as the new year came in, it sounded and looked like the entire city was erupting in fireworks! We ran outside to join in all excitement! It was such a cool experience! • So if you love spending big holidays in busy, exciting and festive places, then the charming city of San Antonio might be just your thing. • Happy New Year everyone! • #hinsonco #ourlifeonpurpose #sanantonio #fulltimefamilies #fulltimetravel #travelculture #adventure #holidaytravel #rvlife

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We even tried the barbecue, by which they mean Brisket. Pulled pork (which is what we mean when we say barbecue in North Carolina) isn't really their focus. That said, the Brisket was good…but I still prefer North Carolina pulled pork.

Also, in San Antonio, they celebrate the new year with TONS and TONS fireworks. It was pretty crazy.

The youtube videos are so far back and it drives me crazy. I’m still trying to figure out a way to get through the video faster, but at this point, I’m still editing video from Moab, and shooting video from where we are now (an undisclosed bunker somewhere in the east — just kidding, we’re in Florida).

Once again, I must say thank you for reading this. We’re so glad you’re following along.

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  • Dude Perfect (Great guys, great content. Trick shots, but clean and safe for kids)
  • King of Random (Really fun to watch…but don’t try everything you see on this channel)
  • Primitive Technology (Austrailian guy who makes huts and tools with his hands)

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