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Well, it's been MONTHS since I last emailed you guys. When you last heard from us, we were headed back to Virginia to get the truck titled and visit with family and friends. Well, we did just that, and it was pretty great. To get us started, I wanted to share what we learned during our short visit and a few takeaways that might be of interest to you.

But first, a quick update.

It's been almost 10 months. We love it. Traveling with our RV across the country has changed the way we see the world. Since we came back to Virginia in March, we went Southeast and visited a ton of places that I'm excited to share with you -- but I've got enough stuff to share in this newsletter -- I promise it won't be long this time.

In the meantime, here's our video from Easter, 2019:

It’s not always either / or.

Sometimes, you can have both. We’ve mentioned in some of our videos that Meagan is always a person who struggles with having to choose, because she wants both (this is also called FOMO by the way -- fear of missing out). One of the things we love most about full-time RV life is that we can have both. We can have work on the road and be able to see beautiful places in the afternoons and weekends.

One of our big concerns in leaving Virginia was that we would be disconnected from our family and friends, and some of those relationships would start to suffer. Our visit back to Virginia was great, and served as a reminder that we really do have a loving community that knows us and cares about us. It was really divine timing that our kids' friends were on spring break and able to schedule playdates, and some of our friends shifted around their schedules to make sure we could catch up.

In our trip up to Virginia, we visited all of Meagan’s family, my extended family, stayed with my parents, went north to visit my brother in Baltimore, then spent the entire next week seeing all of our friends.

We felt so loved and encouraged to know that we can do this, and still maintain meaningful connections with our loved ones.

Home again.

Not only did we enjoy being back in our home town, it was also refreshing to come back to Bertie, our travel trailer, after staying in my parents house for 2 weeks. We were all very happy to be back home again. It’s strange that such a small place can become so therapeutic for us, but we weren’t used to being so far apart. We are close, and we’re used to being close. It’s now part of our family DNA. It was also encouraging to see that the kids were all excited to come back to this tiny rig. We stumbled upon the lyrics of this song last year, and though the cheesy music video might not be to everyone’s liking — I can tell you that these words ring true to us.

Love grows best in little houses
With fewer walls to separate
Where you eat and sleep so close together
You can't help but communicate
Oh, and if we had more room between us, think of all we'd miss
Love grows best, in houses just like this
~ Doug Stone, Little Houses

How much does it cost?

That is THE most common question we were asked when we went home. The answer isn’t as easy as we’d like for it to be because it depends on a number of factors, but we’re going to crunch the numbers and provide some workflows that will make it clear what it takes to make this life happen. That said, basically it costs about the same as living in a house did. We no longer have a house payment, or utilities, and we only have one car etc. But it costs about the same. We want to produce an outline of what it ACTUALLY costs, so stay tuned for that.

How much longer?

Are we tired of it yet? Are we planning on coming home soon? This question was asked a lot as well. The short answer is, “We don’t know. But we’re enjoying our life, and don’t want to stop yet.” We're 25 states into our 48 state goal. Once we go out west and back again...I think we'll have a better idea about how much longer we want to do this.

Audiobooks I Want to Geek Out About

I’ve mentioned before that I love audiobooks. If you haven’t tried audible, you should take the chance to do it now. They’re giving 2 books away for free to new sign-ups. You don’t even have to give them back. If you want to take advantage of this deal…here are some recommendations

Harry Potter (All of them really)
If you like Harry Potter, or haven’t started it, and you are in the car a little bit…even to and from school, you REALLY should get the Harry Potter audiobooks, narrated by Jim Dale. He’s the BEST narrator on audible (trust me, I’ve listened to 113 books on audible at this point). When Dale reads as a character struggling to walk, he grunts as if it’s taking a lot of effort talk. When a character's nose is broken, he holds his hand over his nose and talks. He’s a great voice actor.

Ready Player One (for nerds only, also likely rated PG-13 or so)
If you grew up LOVING video games, like I did. And looking for every opportunity to blow all your money at the local Arcade, you’ll enjoy this eclectic book, set in a future, somewhat dystopian world where everyone lives their life through a virtual reality world called the Oasis, and there's a giant hunt for one man's inheritance that he's coded into the world (If you saw the movie, the book is much different).

The Martian
You may have seen the movie...and if so, cool, but the book is still worth the listen, it's funnier, different, and far more interesting than the movie. Also, Andy Weir deserves all the moneys, because this guy wrote this entire book FOR FREE on his website and then at the request of his fans, put it on amazon. It was then that a publisher picked him up. This is such a fun listen.

Business Book Recommendation:

The E-Myth Revisited
This book is a primer for systematizing your business so that you can build it to run without you. The takeaway is, "If you have a business that can't run without you, you have a job, and probably not a very good one." If you're not a business owner, this might not be ideal. If you are a systems person -- you probably already know about it.

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