Go Big (or Go Home)

We bought a new rig. Or at least we ordered one. We went to the Tampa RV Super Show and after walking through every fifth wheel that had a mid bunk and rear living situation, we settled on a Heritage Glen 369BL.

It's a 43ft fifth wheel.

We're going from a travel trailer we specifically bought so we could get into places like state and national parks, to a rig that is about as long as it can get. We're now officially a “big rig”. We're very excited about the decision and can't wait to get settled in our new home, but I want to talk about some of the pressures we feel with full-time RV Life that made us make this decision.

We're not ready to give this life up yet.

We're not. It's incredible to be able to be so close and connected to your kids, and so easily access the best of every area at a moment's notice. For example, it's mid January and after school and work, we're going to the beach today. On a Mondayin January.

We don't want it to feel temporary

The rig we have now is pretty small for the 5 of us. It's 30 ft. And we've lived in it since August 27th of 2018. That's 17 months that we've been calling these close-quarters home. The first year it was doable, we were able to cope pretty well as long as the weather was good. But now we feel overrun with laundry, I'm tired of moving something to get something else (that's a common RV problem) and I want to have a decent living space.

Kitchen & Living Area in the Heritage Glen

Getting a fifth wheel with more room will feel more like a home. If we're not stopping right now, it doesn't make sense to keep feeling like we're in a holding pattern.

We want to be neighbors

When we're visiting back in the east (where we're from) we usually pop in for a week or so (maybe 2) and get on the road again. After we finish our 50 states goal, we're going to be able change our travel style and slow down. We'll explore areas for longer, and generally get a better feeling for the area, and be neighbors with those around us; Especially family and friends.

We realized that we can apply the same principles we are applying to exploring the 50 states to spending time with loved ones.

We can visit Virginia like we haven't really done before, and stay for weeks in an area to spend quality time with family and friends. We're looking forward to being neighbors, even if for short periods of time.

Why such a big rig though?

Couldn't I have gone from 30 ft to 35 ft, or even 37 ft? Well, it's pretty simple. Unless you want a travel trailer, the only rig that can do what our 30ft rig does in a fifth wheel is 40+ ft long.

Our new rig gives us more kitchen space, more living room space, more bedroom space, and more floor space. This is huge for us. We're hoping this new rig makes us feel less temporary and allows us to live better so we can do this longer and enjoy our home, wherever that may be.

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