Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park – A Must-Do in Crystal River, Florida

While Staying at Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park, we decided to make a day trip of it and go to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park. If you're looking for things to do with kids in the Crystal River area, this is a MUST DO.

Our Expectations

Initially, we weren't sure what to expect on this trip. We didn't know if it would be worth the money or not, though we had some folks at the RV Park say it was really cool. I'm glad we didn't know what to expect, because we were truly blown away.

Boat Trip To the Park

The boat ride to the park was incredible. Almost worth the cost of admission just to hear the history and see the beauty of the creek. The boat drivers would tell you all about the area, describe the birds as they passed, and sprinkle in humorous anecdotes. We didn't even know this was going to be part of the trip, so it blew us away.

About Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

It's huge. Basically, it's a zoo. We got there around 10:30am, and spent a solid 4 hours with very little downtime. Not only do they have an incredible educational program where you learn about the manatees, they also have a little discovery center, which is a perfect place to take a break and slow down with the kids.

One bonus that we weren't expecting was the Aviary. They have such a variety of birds in their natural habitat. It was incredible to see these beautiful animals that normally we would only see from a distance.

Pro Tip: Go Early!

Seriously. Go right after they open. You'll have free run of the place for a few hours. We went just after 10 and there were 20 cars in the parking lot. When we came out, at 2:30 or so, there was no parking available and the park was crowded. Go early. You'll thank me later.

Photos of the Park

On this trip, we got lots of video, but not as many photos, that said, below are some photos (and some video) that might be helpful for you to get an idea of what things are like.

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