How To RV

A not-so-definitive guide to RVing (for beginners)

Tools You’ll need

The following tools will be key to success in RVing, don't leave home without them.

  • Lug Wrench
  • Jack or Trailer-Aid
  • Robertson driver
  • Level
  • 15ft Sewer Hose
  • 30amp to 50amp Adapter

Travel tips

  • Plan your gas station stops.
    • Loves, TA Travel Plaza, Pilot are ideal.
    • If Diesel, use truck lanes, but you have to go in and pre-pay
  • Always be aware of your height.
  • If you miss a turn, stay calm. Don’t try to whip it into a parking lot.
  • If you’re new at backing a trailer, get pull-thrus if possible.
  • Setting up after dark is incredibly difficult. Avoid as much as possible. Also, use lights (ones with magnets that can light up your rig are better)
  • Use Cell Phones or walkie talkies to communicate with your partner when backing.
    • Develop a common vocabulary (Rear of trailer needs to move in to the passenger side)

Cell Service Tips

  • You’re not on wifi anymore Toto.
  • How to find RV Parks that have good signal
    • Guidelines
  • Tether / Hotspot etc
    • When tethering, beware of background apps.

RV Travel Apps

  • RVLife iPhone App for navigation
    • Turn on “Avoid Unpaved Roads”
  • (for cell service)
  • Youtube
  • Google:
    • Try Googling “Things to do near [location]”

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