Introducing: Travel Diaries

It's been a long time since we've posted travel videos — and we've missed it. We still have all that video and are now going back to sift through it and choose what video makes the cut. Meagan and I decided to catch you up to what's been going on in our lives using what we're calling “Travel Diaries”. The travel diaries are a way for us to tell what we did, and show some video of those experiences without making a full blown “destination video”.

Introducing Travel Diary #1: Winter in Florida

In this episode, we talk about going to Florida for the winter. We didn't intend to go to Florida in 2019 for the winter, but when we purchased the truck we opted to do our own registration, which actually turned out to be something we HAD TO DO IN PERSON. So, realizing that we would need to make the trek anyway, we decided to take the 3 month tags we had from Texas, and spend the winter in Florida.

We started at the far north of the pan handle and go all the way south to the keys (but not to key west…we didn't make it that far). On the way, we met some wonderful new friends. Stay tuned for more updates as we process these “travel diaries” and try to share some more current updates. Speaking of current updates…

What we're doing now

We're still living life on the road…and COVID-19 hasn't changed things for us much. With the exception of having to be somewhat more planned with our travel plans, our life was already remote, and we were already homeschooling. We spent about 3 months in Virginia during the stay at home orders but are now back on the road.

A New Rig

In February of 2020, we bought a new truck and trailer. This time, we went big. Our new rig is a 43ft Fifth Wheel, and our new truck is a Dually – so our whole setup is quite large. We're 60ft long now, which isn't quite as easy to get around as it was with our 30ft travel trailer. Note: the videos we have in queue will still feature the travel trailer for quite awhile.

It's been 2 years since we sold our home and started this adventure, and we love it more now than we ever have. Thanks for following us. If you have any questions you'd like us to answer, please send us a note. Our email is

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