Kitchen table build

We're building a table. Meagan asked me to build her one a long time ago, and I finally decided to do it. The table we have is nice but the pedestal leg is broken and can't bear any weight. In fact for the last year, it's been held up by a 4×4 I had lying around.

So, we're building a table, a farmhouse table. In the beginning it was going to be a pretty simple table, then I saw one with fancy pedestal legs, and then meg had her own additions, by the time we were ready to build it, it was a lot different than the ones we saw online, so we have a modified fancy X farmhouse table with extensions.

Tonight I assembled and fastened the top. It didn't go exactly as planned. I used a kregg jig to screw all the sides together and the end pieces to the inside long boards. The problem is, the screws pulled the boards up a little bit and caused them to be…well, what's the word for “not flush”? Yeah, that. Here's a photo of the table bottom all assembled before I screwed it all together.


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Joseph Hinson

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