Southeast Travel Episode 1: Charleston, South Carolina

In the spring of 2019, we decided to explore the south east of the united states. Honestly the southeast wasn't highest on our list because it's pretty close to home for us, so it always felt accessible. That said, taking this trip opened our eyes to a lot of territory we had never explored. This very short video is a quick overview of our Charleston travel. While in Charleston, we stayed at Edisto State Park campground and drove into the city. Edisto is on the beach and it's a nice little campground that's not too far from the city. We actually drove in 2 days. The first day, we visited the citadel and drove around the city. The next day, we went in with a plan (and reservations for Fort Sumter).

Really the best part of taking this trip to Edisto Beach was meeting the Glovers. We met this beautiful family while camping next to them at Edisto and hit it off immediately. They quickly became beloved friends. We only had a day or two to visit with them before they had to leave, but they told us to look them up if we came near their hometown, which we definitely WILL DO…In short, you'll hear more about them soon enough.

Enjoy this short 3 minute video (the shortest video I've published yet). We're trying to keep working our way through this footage to put together the highlights. There's a lot more to see in Charleston, but we tried to hit the high points and move along.

We also learned the importance of knowing the height of your vehicle in a parking garage 😉

Thanks for following along, reach out to us at any time.

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Joseph Hinson